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Short Narrative Film
Written by Lara Deglan
Directed by
Polly Pierce

Not your average sports movie...


SLUMP has won:

  • Best Short Drama at the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival

  • Best Short Film at the Topaz Film Festival, presented by Women in Film Dallas, US

  • Best Canadian Short Film at the Cyrus International Film Festival of Toronto

  • Best Director at the San Jose Independent Film Festival, California

  • Best Actress in a Short Film for Lara Deglan at the Cyrus International Film Festival of Toronto

  • Award of Excellence from the Canada Shorts Film Festival

  • Finalist at the NewFilmmakers NY Festival

  • Semi-Finalist at the Cascadia International Women's Film Festival

  • Leo Award nominated for Best Actress and Best Screenplay for Lara Deglan

and has been Officially Selected at:

  • Vancouver Asian Film Festival and screening as part of the Canadian Shorts Program

  • New Filmmakers LA as part of their Canadian Cinema Spotlight

  • Santa Fe Film Festival​

  • LA Indie Film Festival

  • Manhattan Film Festival

  • Sunset Film Festival LA

  • Vancouver Shorts Film Festival

  • LA Independent Women Film Awards

  • Chicago Indie Film Awards

  • Toronto International Women in Film Festival​


“Slump” is a contemporary dramedy that uses the female perspective to look at the dark side of sports rituals. 

Sidney is a bigger tomboy who produces a spoof sports video of the University baseball team. A connection is struck between her and the team's third-baseman, Chase. Chase invites Sidney to a Frat House party where they hook up. It isn't until Grayson, Sidney's older professional baseball player brother, reveals to her that she has been targeted as a Slumpbuster, a larger woman used to have sex with in order for sports players to get out of their playing slump. Devastated, Sidney learns a hard life lesson.

I was honoured to be selected to direct this little known yet common place story of societal misogyny by the film's co-producers, Lara Deglan and Morgan Churla. I really wanted to convey Sidney's perspective and experience of being targeted as a Slumpbuster as, being a survivor of Domestic Violence, I could identify and empathise with her feelings of hurt, shame and humiliation surrounding such an incident as these are, sadly, similar reactions for female survivors in both instances. And to give visible expression to them and explore those awkward feelings was both cathartic and something refreshing I think to see in film.

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