- Short Narrative Film
Written by Lara Deglan
Directed by
Polly Pierce

Not your average sports movie...

“Slump” is a contemporary dramedy that uses the female perspective to look at the dark side of sports rituals. 

Sidney is a bigger tomboy who produces a spoof sports video of the University baseball team. A connection is struck between her and the team's third-baseman, Chase. Chase invites Sidney to a Frat House party where they hook up. It isn't until Grayson, Sidney's older professional baseball player brother, reveals to her that she has been targeted as a Slumpbuster, a larger woman used to have sex with in order for sports players to get out of their playing slump. Devastated, Sidney learns a hard life lesson.

I was honoured to be selected to direct this little known yet common place story of societal misogyny by the film's co-producers, Lara Deglan and Morgan Churla. I really wanted to convey Sidney's perspective and experience of being targeted as a Slumpbuster as, being a survivor of Domestic Violence, I could identify and empathise with her feelings of hurt, shame and humiliation surrounding such an incident as these are, sadly, similar reactions for female survivors in both instances. And to give visible expression to them and explore those awkward feelings was both cathartic and something refreshing I think to see in film.

We just wrapped post production and have already been Officially Selected by the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival.


Wish us luck as we continue our journey into the film festival circuit.

Lara and Morgan's goal is to use this short film as a vehicle and as a key part of their pitch package to seek Telefilm funding to produce "Slump"  as a feature film.

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In the Name of Love?

A Domestic Violence Survivor's Story

- Feature Length Documentary

Written and Directed by

Polly Pierce

The evening of October 23 2012 is one that would change Polly Harrison's life forever.


That evening, Polly's abusive fiancee, Mark-Alexander Hartwin, arrived home from his high-paying job at Pixar and unleashed the most ferocious of his regular violent outbursts against her; he confined her for 16 hours in their Vancouver apartment and stalked her within it's walls, screamed verbal abuse into her ears while physically restraining her and violently assaulted her by trying to suffocate her multiple times that evening while pinning her down to their bed and the floor and crushing her into the concrete walls of their apartment, all in an attempt to kill her.

Despite surviving this vicious attack, and summoning the courage to file assault and confinement charges against her abusive ex-partner, Polly's biggest challenge was yet to arrive in the shape of the unsympathetic and cold BC Crown Counsellor, Snover Bains, and the BC Judicial System. Although Hartwin plead guilty to these charges, Crown Counsellor Bains handed down only a $500 CAD fine and a Peace Bond/ Protection Order, with charges expunged after a one year period, as punishment for the brutal violence he inflicted upon Polly that night.

Was Polly Harrison's life, which she almost lost that fateful night, only worth $500? And why expunge the confinement and assault charges which Hartwin plead guilty to?

This feature length documentary will use Polly Harrison's experience of facing the BC Crown Counsel and Judicial System to question their judgement and similar limp handling of other Domestic Violence cases within the Province and ask what needs to be done to adequately provide justice to victims of Domestic Violence, so they are not also victims of the System. 

More information to come!

10 part multiculural, period
Original Television Series
Story concept by: Raj Sangha and Polly Pierce
Producing Director: Polly Pierce


At the turn of the 20th century, an era of racism and class divides in British Columbia, Canada, one lumber mill town, founded by an industrious and visionary Sikh man, attempts to change that model and create a community inclusive to people of different backgrounds, races and religious beliefs.


Together, the townspeople share their cultures, experiences and setbacks with one another to create a harmonious community despite the climate of systemic racism and patriarchy from outside, rival lumber mill towns and the impending industrial revolution.

Central to its heart is the town's lumber mill and the trials of the immigrant Singh and Lai families.


This town is Paldi.