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Polly is an Australian/Canadian dual citizen, with biracial ethnicity (Chinese and Caucasian) and has worked throughout Australia, Canada, Mexico and Hong Kong.

After receiving her BFA: Film and Television Production (High Distinction) from the Queensland University of Technology, Polly has been the cinematographer on numerous narrative short films, two of which were awarded funding from Screen Australia, Screen Queensland and the Pacific Film and Television Commission. One of these films, the moody, Colonial Australia based drama, Blood Hollow, won the Rising Star Award and screened at the Canada International Film Festival (2011) and won the Silver Lei Award and screened at the Honolulu International Film Festival that same year. And in 2021, Polly received the Best Cinematography Award for her work on the short film Where Everyone Lives at the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival.


Polly recently wrote, produced and directed two short films, the award winning supernatural dark comedy Wytch Craft, where she personally received the Best Female Director award at the Arthouse Festival of Beverly Hills (formerly Fantastic Film Festival of Los Angeles) and the Best Female Filmmaker Award at the Chicago Indie Film Awards, and the pandemic set rom-com, Dependable Pandemic Life Partner, shot entirely remotely and on iPhones during the height of the Coronavirus Lockdown.

Of late, Polly directed the coming-of-age dramedy Slump, which uses the female lens to explore toxic locker room culture and has won Best Short Film Awards at the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival, Cyrus International Film festival of Toronto, the Topaz Film Festival  and an Award of Excellence from the Canada Shorts Film Festival.


In the summer of 2021, Polly shadowed experienced director David Frazee on the Global TV series Family Law and she also was a guest industry speaker at the Videatur Collective Film Project and Solarhouse Productions New Future's Lab, workshops offering on set experience and information to young, emerging BIPOC and LGBTQ+ filmmakers in the Toronto area.

In the Fall of 2021, Polly was selected to take part in the Women in the Director's Chair Career Advancement Module where she is developing a period drama, television series called "Paldi" which uses the immigrant journeys of a Chinese and a Sikh family as they navigate contrasting cultural customs and other obstacles to seek a 'better life' for their families.

In her over a decade long career in film and television, Polly has amassed over 80 professional credits as a Camera Assistant on feature films such as the French/ Australian co-production The Tree (2010) and television series such as Bletchley Circle: San Francisco (2018), the Apple TV+ series Home Before Dark (2018/19) and the Steven Spielberg produced sci-fi, Terra Nova (2011) as well as countless commercials and music videos.

She is professionally affiliated with the Western Canada International Camera Guild – ICG 669.

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